Keep Phytt online

Live classes for over 55's

Keep Phytt is...

  • fun

  • effective exercise

  • gentle

  • live not recorded

  • at a slower pace  

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Keep Phytt are...

A supportive online community of fellow exercisers,


helping you Keep Phytt and enjoy life!

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Keep Phytt works

Keeping strong, flexible and fit as you head into older age needs some effort but the benefits are huge.


Keep Phytt comes to you

via a computer, tablet, iPad or a phone.

You just need a firm chair and enough room to move a little.....

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Carole understands older people and is so encouraging..... 

I felt the difference in just a few weeks....

I was able to hoover for the first time in ages after I started Keep Phytt with Carole......

Keep Phytt costs

You’ll be pleased to know; we don’t charge an arm and a leg. We just make those feel better!

Look at our membership options


And remember, when you invite your friends to join you get money off your next membership.

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Why choose Keep Phytt...

Its exercise designed specifically for older people to

  • make life easier

  • help stop aches and pains

  • get you stronger,​

  • help you move better

  • work on better balance

I'm in... how do I join Keep Phytt?

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My back was a long term problem 40 years in fact, limiting me in every area of my life. When I started Keep Phytt I didn't think it would make such a difference but it really has done. I no longer have to think can I, will my back let me...instead I'm surprised when it hurts and the biggest joy has been starting walking netball.