We have tried to answer some of your questions and we will add to it all the time. If you have a question and the answer isn't here ask in your Introductory sessions or contact us by email   -  info@keepphytt.co.uk

or call 01732 780909

How much does each class cost?

Classes are different prices depending on your membership plan. Pay as you go are £5.50 per class but unlimited membership reduces the price to as little as £2.50.

I dont have any exercise bands what should I do?

Bands are not essential for the Introductory courses and you will receive 2 free bands to get you started when you make your first payment.

There are 2 of us at home and we both want to do the classes do we need to buy 2 memberships?

No, the memberships are per household. If there are 2 people (or more) please complete an additional health form for each person. 

I struggle with the numbers of repetitions in some of the exercises what should I do?

The number of repetitions are only a guide. It is more important to do good quality movements than to do lots of them, so if you can only do 3-5 repetitions well then that's great. After a few weeks of exercise, you may find you can do a few more. There is no shame in doing less, it is not a competition!

What do I wear on my feet?

When we are at home it is very tempting to wear our old favourite slippers. Often these are not the best for exercising in as they do not support our feet well and are not secure on our feet. Most of us wear outdoor flat sensible shoes or trainers or bare feet/socks. Please avoid anything with a heel especially if it is has a small surface because this will affect your balance.

I struggle to get my arms straight holding the band. What should I do?

The bands are to help strengthen your muscles. The different colours are different strengths. It is more important to strengthen the whole movement than to strengthen some of it so I always advise achieving straight arms without the band or using a lower strength band. Strengthening takes time so over a few weeks you may be able to move onto a stronger band.

My balance is really bad and I can't stand for very long can I still do the exercises?

Yes, these exercises are designed for people with all sorts of movement problems and people who can't find local exercise classes that suit them. 

In the introductory classes we are able to talk about how to adapt the exercises to suit your needs. Sitting, standing, holding on or a combination -whatever is right for you.

What do I wear?

You can wear anything that is comfortable and allows you to move easily. Avoid anything which could be dangerous like scarves and long necklaces which may get caught and tighten around your neck. 

What will the exercises do for me?

The exercises help with strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular fitness. They start at a level that you can manage and allow you to improve at your own pace. Even marathons runners start gently and build up strength to run further. You might not be planning a marathon but even a walk to the shops can feel like it when you have pain or weakness.