How do I join

-to improve my strength, balance and flexibility 

We believe in keeping things simple because online things can be daunting. 

Read the easy steps below for instructions on how to join Keep Phytt online. If you get in a muddle we're here to help out.

Step 1

 You will need your email address and a password -keep this safe because you'll need it to sign in* when you book new classes.

Once you've put in your email and password you are taken to a contact form, a participation declaration and a health form. All need to be completed before you can book any classes.

*It can be confusing when you go back to the Keep Phytt booking site and open it because it might look like its working because you can see the classes, but you can't book anything until you sign in again.

After each step along the way, you will receive an email giving you instructions on how to do the next step and start your Keep Phytt journey. They will be the same instructions as the next steps just in case you get disturbed and need to come back to it later or use a different device. If you need help just ask.

 The first email will welcome you to Keep Phytt and tell you how to do step 2 onwards.

Step 2

After the forms you need a membership package even though your Introductory classes are free. 

Find the membership tab at the top of the booking site (below) and click on the Introductory classes A and B membership. This will take you to the payment option. Put FREE INTRO in the discount code box and the payment will change from £10 to £0.

Click submit and it will take you to the calendar page.


Step 3

On the calendar choose your first class either Introductory class A or B and click. It will tell you you have booked and an email will automatically be sent to you with the class details and a zoom link. While you are here you can book your second Introductory class to ensure you have a place in both A and B. You won't be able to book any other classes until you buy a different membership package.

Click             for more details about these packages.

If you need to change the class you can either go back to the calendar and click on the class. It will ask you if you want to leave. Click to say yes then just like before find a day that suits you better and choose that class. Alternatively, you can go to the dashboard tab on the menu and you will find a list of all the classes you have booked. Choose the one you want to change and click leave. 

Step 4

Joining the class - 5 minutes before, either click on the link on your email or the link on the dashboard tab (as above) choose today's class and details to find the link and this will connect you to the zoom class. 


If, like me, you are unsure whether and how this works you can click the link anytime before and see what happens. It will connect you to zoom but tell you the host has not opened the class. Come back to this link 5 minutes before the class when I will be ready and waiting for you!

Sometimes there may be a problem connecting if your wifi isn't working well. If this is the case please let us know and we will try to help you.

Step 5

Nearly there!

After the Introductory classes you will need to buy a new membership to book your regular classes. Sign in to the Keep Phytt booking site, choose memberships tab and choose how you would like to pay - there is all the information on the membership page here as well. You know how to book classes now so its straight forward from here on.


Remember you can have the Keep Phytt app on more than one device so check you are joining zoom on the device you will use for the class!