Below are the different membership options,

Membership is your chosen payment option. They are all outlined below so you can choose which is best for you.

Payment is taken either with your card or direct debit through secure banking systems (-not by me!)

If you prefer you can pay by direct bank transfer or cheque -you get to choose.

Regular payments can be cancelled up to 7 days before they are due so your only commitment is for the month.

Please ask for refunds for classes booked and not taken or zoom problems. 

5 sessions per month

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This is ideal if you want to book one class each week (with an extra one thrown in for those 5 week months!) It gives you the option to choose when you take the classes in the month -up to 2 per week, but once you hit your 5 sessions you're not able to book anymore until your next payment. It allows flexibility to exercise with regular payment so you don't need to think about it.

Unlimited sessions per month

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For anyone who regularly likes to do 2 or more classes per week this is the best option for you. As it says there is no limit to how many classes you can book in a week. You can join all classes every week or none, the choice is yours, allowing you to exercise around your other appointments and commitments. Payment is automatically taken every month so you don't need to think about it.

Pay as you go

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This is the option for people who only want to exercise occasionally or don't want to commit to regular exercise classes. Every time you want to book a class you will need to make a payment with your card. It's the more expensive option because there's more work for us to do.

Pack of 10 

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The pack lasts for 6 months and you can choose to spend your 10 sessions on any classes you like. You may choose 1 class one week and 3 classes the next and then nothing for 2 weeks while you are on holiday. It is adaptable to suit you. You will be notified by email when you are running out so you can buy more sessions and continue exercising regularly.